About Imagine Kutzky

* Building on the past   * Planning for the future

A Reinvestment Initiative and Partnership established by

Imagine Kutzky is a Reinvestment Initiative and partnership established by the Kutzky Park Neighborhood Association, First Homes, and Rochester Area Foundation. As an organization, the Kutzky Park Neighborhood Association was increasingly put in a position of reacting to development proposals, often in negative terms. In an effort to become proactive and preserve our neighborhood, as well as promote neighborhood-friendly development where needed, Kutzky Park neighborhood leaders began planning Imagine Kutzky!

Imagine Kutzky Mission Statement
To preserve, enhance and promote Kutzky Park as a vibrant and sustainable, mixed-use urban neighborhood.

"We're Planning to Stay"
from the book by William Morrish and Catherine Brown

    "Planning a neighborhood is a participatory act of community membership and an expression of belief about the future of one's community." When coupled with planning, "to stay" becomes an active verb. Once this active role is embraced, two questions need to be addressed:

    1. What is it about this place that draws us here?
    2. What could we add to this place that will keep us here? "

These are the questions we set out to ask of our neighbors and ourselves as we began a series of neighborhood meetings in June of 2004 that were designed to have neighborhood residents share their thoughts, concerns, ideas and questions about living in Kutzky Park.

The information we received throughout the process has lead us to this point:  The presentation of a Preliminary Vision Plan. First presented to the neighborhood on February 25, 2005, we are continuing our search for your feedback. Please contact us with your responses.  Your input is essential to creating a plan that follows our Imagine Kutzky mission. 

Imagine Kutzky Advisory Board

Marcia Marcoux—City Council
Phil Wheeler—Planning and Zoning
Doug Knott—City Administration
Don DeCramer—Mayo Clinic
Dave Edmonson—Kutzky Park N.A. President
Roger Nelson—HGA
Joe Powers—Kutzky Park Business Owner
Alfred Anderson—Kutzky Park Landlord
Al Mannino—Home Federal Savings Bank
Gail Nelson—Think Federal Credit Union

Imagine Kutzky Staff
Stephanie Kilen, Coordinator
Andy Masterpole, Planner